Samantha Beridon




Favorite thing about doing hair:

 The happiness that I am able to bring to another person. It's just an indescribable feeling! The confidence boost, the feel good factor. That has to be my very favorite thing about doing hair. 

One product I cannot live without: 

 Dry shampoo always saves the day! 

Guilty pleasures:

 I absolutely love a good romance novel! 

Person who gives me hair envy:

 Khloe Kardashian, hands down. 

I pull my inspiration from:

 I feel as though inspiration is all around. Online-magazines-nature! It's tough for me to pin point one place that I pull it from, but I would have to say more than anything people inspire me. 

To me, living beautifully means:

 Just being you! Simple enough.  Not letting society tell you who or what your supposed to be or how you're supposed to look and whether or not it's beautiful. Living beautiful to me is following your heart, your dreams and being, not only happy with, but proud of who you are! Xoxo